Have you ever thought you knew exactly where God was taking you in the future only to be blindsided by what seemed like a sudden detour? Maybe God gave you an end result or a specific direction to go, but every road you tried to pursue ended up being closed. You are not alone if this has happened to you! Paul and his companions had been doing great missionary work throughout the Roman Empire. Their plan was to go to Asia, but Acts 16:7 tells us that the Holy Spirit would not allow them to go there. Sometimes we may think our plans are good and perfectly aligned with God's will, but for whatever reason God does not allow us to enter in at that time. We may not always understand why this happens, but Isaiah 55:8-9 tells us that God's thoughts and ways are not like ours.

God has a perspective that is more advanced than our own. Because of this, we will not always understand what He is doing in the moment, but we can have peace in knowing that whatever road or door God is not allowing access to at this particular time is for our good. I have learned that I may not understand God's route, but scripture gives me so many examples of people who didn't understand why God was taking them the way He did. Often times, wherever He is leading can look completely opposite of what He's promised! Those are the times when we must lean into the Lord and trust Him to put together the puzzle pieces perfectly. He is the master potter, and He knows the perfect route to get you where you need to be at the appointed time.

Don't doubt God's good plans for you when He takes you down an unexpected path. Learn to see the obstacles as opportunities! Learn to serve God and others wherever you are at right now.



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