A consistent lie the enemy has sold me throughout my entire life is the one that I am unworthy. Whether I was listening to the voices of the people around me, or determining my value from the results of my current circumstances, I was convinced for most of my life that I wasn't "good enough". The enemy made sure to place people in my life who would go out of their way to make me feel like nothing and to speak inadequacy over me. It wasn't until I understood the value God placed on me that I actually began believing that I was worthy of good things.

In a recent conversation with someone close to me, I shared with them about an act of kindness that someone bestowed upon me and my daughter. Instead of being happy for me and encouraged by how God was taking care of us, they were noticeably offended by my blessing and had the audacity to ask me why I thought I deserved it! This absolutely broke my heart. The attitude of self-righteousness is so ugly and it's no wonder there are so many broken people who feel like they will never measure up. 

The truth is that none of us deserve anything! We are all sinners who actually deserve hell. But God, in all of His goodness and mercy decided that mankind was worth saving. Jesus paid a huge price for our salvation and one of the benefits is that we would become His children and experience a bountiful life.

"...I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." John 10:10

God never intended for me or you to determine our self worth from so many unhealthy things like outer beauty, race, weight, height, social status, education, successes, etc. Those are all things the world looks at, but God looks at the heart. I now know to find my value in the truth of who God says I am; Called, chosen, precious, beloved.  And I believe that I deserve to experience His blessing in my life not because of my own righteousness but because He is goodHe calls me worthy, and you are too.






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